I just noticed that I haven't updated about my study life especially regarding my after SPM life decision that I'm going to face which is right now. So let us start from the very beginning, my SPM result. To be frank, I didn't put too much expectation on my SPM result since I was so stressed up with my test results throughout the year because, for me, I was kind of in the middle of passing and failing lol. With the pressure from my friends and other people's expectations, I felt so down to even think of getting a great result in SPM.

For the first few weeks of my 'freedom' life, I didn't really care about my result as I know how terrible I answered almost all the papers in SPM. So there was this one day I sat alone in my room and started to think if I want to achieve what I want I have to set a goal. I know it was too late to set any goals for my SPM but I just told myself  'Whatever it is, I must get 6A's and above, I don't care whether it is too late now but I must get that result.' That was like a pinky promise that I made to myself. 

Long story short, the result day arrived and my teacher was calling out names and other people went up on the stage. I could feel a lot of feelings inside of me. The moment my teacher said "That's all, the rest of you may take your result from your class teacher" I seriously felt like crying. I was the first one that went to see my teacher and when I got the result with my shaking hands, my first impression was 'I was supposed to be on the stage just now???' hahaha yes my teacher didn't call out my name to be up on the stage but that's okay. Then I kept checking up my name just in case I got the wrong one but no, it was mine and I was so shocked. Alhamdulillah, I've gotten what I want actually more than what I expected and I managed to fulfill my own promise to myself. 

Next, my decision. I received offers from the public universities and I was so confused which one I should choose. I literally just grab whatever chance that I had and applied for every public university that I want. Before that let me tell you what public university that I got accepted into:
1. UiTM (Business studies)
2. University of Malaya (Business studies)
3. Kolej Polytech MARA (Office management)
4. Kolej MARA Kuala Nerang (Matriculation -account-)
5. Kolej Profesional MARA (Business studies)

As you can see most of the offers above are my first choice which is business studies. I'm more interested in business instead of account but I have to learn account in business studies too hahaha I can't run away from it, can I?

All of the offers I got except for matriculation take 3 years to be completed so I guess you knew what my decision will be. Yes, matriculation. At first, I was so confused either to choose matriculation or the University of Malaya. It bothers me so much that not everyone gets the opportunity to study in that university but it takes 3 years for me to study instead of taking the short path to get me to the degree.  

I really hope that this is the right decision for me just like what I made back in the secondary school for my SPM. I know a lot of people said that matriculation is quite tough and I can't rest/relax just like students who chose diploma. But in my point of view, I can't judge it from what I heard because I need to experience it myself in order to know the real struggle that I have to go through and of course, I have to cope with whatever situation I'm in. Last few words from me, I will never give up and I know I can make everyone proud, again. 

Pray for my success and thank you for reading <3 

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  1. For me, every choice, every course has their own struggle so as long as you study hard for it, you'll achieve flying colours for your exam results. Goodluck!

    1. totally agreed with you. As long as that person has the motivation to keep doing the best, then insyAllah everything will go as planned

  2. Good luck! There is no right and wrong in making decision and tbh, even if something went wrong, you just have to make the decision the right one by working hard

  3. OMG.... so many... and all of it are business course :P course that I take and end up taking BBA marketing at the end :P

    whatever it is :) just choose and follow what you want and what you like so it will never be a mistake or orang cakap menyesal di kemudian hari :)

    do your best!!! <3

    sekajap je pejam celik dah nak habis.. so time main, main2.. time study, jangan main2 XD ahahahahahaa (learn from exp) :P

  4. Goodluck and keep motivates yourself :)

  5. InsyaAllah, you'll be alright since it's your own choice and surely you already had a very deep thought about it. Wishing you best of luck! 🎈

  6. cantiknya blog kaler pastel hihihi suka. BTW Good luck !

  7. whatever choice you made, i hope it's the best for you! since you have many choices to choose from, focus on what makes you happy. i'm a diploma student, but from what is see, my friends enjoyed their matriculation life as well. Semua ada pros and cons masing-masing, and in the end it all depends on yourself. Hehe. Goodluck!

  8. Goodluck farah, wishing you all the best in what ever you do .